Q: Do you have non-smoking rooms?

A: Yes! All rooms are Smoke-Free on property. This includes candles and smoking of any kind.


Q: Are you open 24 hours?

A: The building is accessible to guests 24 hours. Due to our small team, staff are on premises to service and assist you from 8am – 6pm. After hours you may access the building with a room key or bluetooth key. If you require assistance for any reason after hours, you may call the main line and be connected to our Head of House.


Q: How does a bluetooth key work?

A: Our bluetooth locks allow you to privately access the front door and your guest room 24 hours from your smart phone. We will issue a bluetooth code to your email on the day of arrival and you may follow the simple 30 second instructions to check-in and enjoy the hotel.


Q: Can I park on property?

A: There are two metered public parking lots directly behind the hotel. Pull off of Cabot Street onto Pond Street to find a spot for your vehicle. Once parked, you’ll be able to walk to restaurants, bars, and cafes from our doorstep.

Q: May I unload luggage from my vehicle?

A: There is a 15-minute guest drop-off area on Pond Street, which allows you to easily load/unload luggage before parking your car behind the building.